About Us


At HEFE Biostimulants we offer a complete set of services to satisfy all your needs as a client:

● Our highly trained agricultural advisors are ready to provide personalized guidance on how to apply our products optimally, maximizing results.
● We work with you to identify the environmental conditions that affect your fields. We help you develop a customized plan to protect your production.
● We advise you on the use of agricultural practices and tools that match our products to solve your challenges in a way that fits your budget.
● We have several options to offer customized financing solutions to fit your input needs.
● Thanks to our distribution chain, we ensure that our products reach our customers in a timely and efficient manner. Committed to guaranteeing quality and satisfaction at every stage of the process.
● We strive to offer you an exceptional, individualized and concrete service.


At HEFE BIOSTIMULANTS we are dedicated to advancing the progress of the agricultural sector through advanced and sustainable agriculture.

Our mission is to offer innovative solutions for plant protection and nutrition, with the objective of improving crop quality. We prioritize respect for the environment and the needs of both growers and consumers in every step we take.

We firmly believe that HEFE BIOSTIMULANTS has the potential to lead the high-value agricultural crop sector. We seek to excel in the field of nutrition and biological control, while being committed to customer satisfaction, contribution to society and preservation of the environment.


We envision a prosperous and sustainable agricultural future, with innovation and environmental responsibility as cornerstones.

Our vision is to lead the transformation of the agricultural sector towards more efficient and environmentally friendly practices, offering advanced solutions in plant nutrition and biological control.

We strive to be recognized as a reference in the agricultural industry, standing out for our excellence in the quality of our products and our commitment to customer and community satisfaction. At HEFE BIOSTIMULANTS, we work tirelessly to drive our customers’ success, contribute to the well-being of society and preserve natural resources for future generations. Together, we are building a brighter, more sustainable agricultural future.


At HEFE BIOSTIMULANTS, we are not just pioneers; we are pioneers shaping the future of agriculture. Enter our world of relentless curiosity and unwavering commitment to innovation: welcome to our ongoing Research & Development.


Our actions resonate far beyond the fields we care for. Welcome to our sanctuary of sustainability, where every step we take is a promise to safeguard the planet. Welcome to the “Commitment to the Environment”.


In a world where food safety is paramount, HEFE recognizes the importance of offering products that meet the highest standards.

We are committed to developing Zero Residue agricultural solutions, ensuring that our fertilizers and crop protection products are free of harmful residues. This not only provides access to the most rigorous supply chains, but also provides farmers with the support of technical and personalized advice to optimize their crops and protect them from pests and diseases. At HEFE, we are dedicated to growing a safer and more sustainable future for all.

I + D + I

With a multidisciplinary team of experts in agronomy, chemistry and technology, we are dedicated to the constant exploration of innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our agricultural fertilizers.

Development and Innovation (R&D&I). From nutrient optimization to the formulation of specific products for each type of crop, our R&D&I work is constantly evolving, driven by our commitment to offer our customers the most advanced and effective solutions for their agricultural needs.



INTEGRITY: Our growth is based on the seriousness, transparency and honesty with which we address the needs of our customers. We use the best raw materials and constantly innovate to offer reliable and effective solutions.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: Our customers’ results are our results. This philosophy permeates the way we work, ensuring that every member of our team is dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of those who place their trust in us.

TECHNOLOGICAL REINVESTMENT: We are committed to research and development, investing significant resources to stay at the forefront of the industry. This dedication enables us to offer innovative products and services that drive progress and excellence in agriculture.

SUSTAINABILITY: Respect for the environment is a fundamental value for us. From our production processes to the content of our products, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and promote sustainable agricultural practices.

QUALITY: Excellence is part of our DNA. We strive to deliver the highest quality products that exceed our customers’ expectations and enable us to succeed in any context. Quality is our promise and our commitment.